Hire me!

I am an experienced video game programmer, known for getting to the bottom of things and leaving my work complete, solid and polished. I highly value my users, whether they're other game programmers, designers and artists, or end users. I've mostly worked with C/C++ and C# (WPF and Unity), but can pick up any technology quickly, especially as I've wrangled large codebases, up to several million lines. I'm especially experienced with porting to Apple platforms and Android, performance and graphics programming. See my portfolio for more details.

I can implement most types of graphical game features, and some gameplay ones. My work on Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront enabled the UI teams to get the exact look they were after.

I can analyze and resolve performance problems. I've worked on mobile platforms where efficiency is paramount, from the Frostbite mobile port to the challenge of squeezing The Witness into an iPad.

I can transfer knowledge regarding my domains of expertise. I rewrote a considerable part of the UI documentation for Frostbite to unanimous praise, got all the C++ programmers at Uprise onboarded in half a day on a technology they barely knew, and helped Thekla navigate the quirks of Apple tooling.

I am based in Stockholm, Sweden in the CET timezone. However I prefer to work remotely, and my hours are flexible. I speak fluent French, English, and mostly fluent Swedish.

If any of this sounds like something you could use, contact me by email or ping me on Twitter.