This website

The blog was originally intended to document technical experiments, and turned into a half-zombified repository of rants. I'm hoping to spool it back up with more articles about textiles and tech, but who doesn't commit to writing more every time New Year rolls around?


I was born in the north of France just in time to grow up during the Pokémon fever. I spent my childhood playing a lot of video games with my younger brother, reading way too many books, and eventually finding my way to programming.

I studied software engineering for three years, then flew off to Stockholm for an internship at EA DICE. I ended up staying in Sweden and building my life here, working at DICE, Frostbite and Bitsquid, then setting up shop as a freelancer.

I'm a game engine coder at heart, who loves to provide technical solutions to enable creative people to realize their vision. I love learning how things are made, which is why you'll also find me playing with yarn, glass and clay. I document a fair bit of that on Instagram.