Processing is a creative coding library, designed to allow non-programmers to create procedural art. p5js is one of the available Javascript ports.

I'm planning on buying an 8-shaft weaving loom, and wanted to make a simple pattern generator. This is the result, for now using only two colors and simple white noise.

8-shafts pattern generator

I've also made a few interactive experiments, like Cracks or basic light painting. Both have interactions on left click.

School esoterica bucket list

During my school years, I got to touch a lot of different technologies. Apart from classics like Java, SQL and a bit of 68k assembly language, I also had the joy of Cobol classes on AS400 and Erlang basics. Cobol, for all the pain it brought, was an interesting history lesson. Erlang was a great insight into different programming paradigms, and I ended up implementing a small maze game in it.

Erlang maze